Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Changes in Congregations

  • American Falls Idaho Stake: one ward dissolved
  • Rupert Idaho Stake: one branch dissolved
  • Duluth Minnesota Stake: Twin Ports Ward created
  • Knoxville Tennessee Stake: Pigeon Forge (Spanish) Branch created
  • Lewisville Texas Stake: two branches dissolved (one Spanish speaking, one Young Single Adult; combined with units in Carrollton Texas Stake)
  • Richmond Virginia Stake: one ward created from branch
  • Bellevue Washington South Stake: one ward dissolved
  • Kennewick Washington East Stake: one ward dissolved
  • Othello Washington Stake: Warden 2nd (Spanish) Branch created

New wards created: -1

New branches created: -2


Janika said...

I like what you are doing here, but I have to mention that I was in the meeting where the changes were made to the Lewisville stake and I became a member of the Carrollton Stake. What is noticeably missing from your commentary is the creation of the Frisco Stake at the same time.

Matt said...

Thanks for the looks like I spaced making a post about the new stake in Frisco as well as the one in Kyle. I'll be adding a list of all the new stakes created this year in the near future.