Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stakes and Districts in Canada

The yellow squares are stakes, and the green squares are districts. The majority of Canadians in the Church live in Alberta, which has sometimes been nicknamed "Mormon Canada" even though Church members make up less than 3% of the population there. Vancouver and Toronto are other cities which have several stakes within the metropolitan area, but the provinces in which these cities are located (British Columbia and Ontario) have between 0.66% and 0.36% of the population belonging to the Church. Only one in 778 Canadians belong to the Church in Quebec, making this province the least "Mormon" in all of the more populous Canadian provinces. The state with the lowest percentage of Church members in the United States is Rhode Island, with around one in 300 people belonging to the Church. There are also seven temples in Canada, one of which is under construction in British Columbia.

President Hinckley in General Conference a couple years ago expressed concern for the lack of baptisms in Canada. Both Canada and the United States have lately seen declines in the number of converts and hopefully this trend can be reversed. It is a myth that the more secular a country becomes, the less the Church grows. Australia enjoyed over 5% annual growth in 2006 and created a new stake last year as well. There are many opportunities for the Church to work with immigrants in Canada, which can help build up the Church not only in Canada but also in immigrants' countries of origin.

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