Thursday, June 5, 2008

Changes in Congregations

  • Fresno California West Stake: one ward dissolved
  • Long Beach California East Stake: two wards dissolved
  • Morgan Hill California Stake: one ward dissolved
  • Oakland California Stake: one ward created from branch
  • San Jose California Stake: one branch dissolved
  • Cedar City University Stakes: three wards created
  • Layton Utah South Stake: two wards created
  • Provo Utah Bonneville Stake: one ward dissolved
  • Provo Utah East Stake: one branch created (YSA)
  • Provo Utah Grandview East Stake: one ward created from branch
  • Provo Utah South Stake: East Bay 3rd (YSA) Ward created
  • Salt Lake Holladay: one branch created (care center)
  • Salt Lake Utah South (Tongan) Stake: Riverton 24th (Tongan) Branch created
  • Salt Lake Wilford Stake: one ward dissolved
  • Sandy Utah Midvalley Stake: one branch created from dissolved ward
  • Newport News Virginia Stake: Newport News 3rd Branch created

Change in wards: +1

Change in branches: +2

Also, a new ward was created in Canada. The De Winton Ward was created in the Calgary Alberta Foothills Stake.


Matt said...

There's also locally a new ward in Mission Viejo Stake, Ladera Ranch 2rd Ward and there's a new ward in the San Diego North Stake, University City 2nd Ward.

Matt said...

Thank you Matt for the information. I appreciate comments from viewers.