Friday, January 16, 2009

Change in Congregations

United States

Bessemer Alabama Stake: one new ward created
Anchorage Alaska North Stake: one ward created from one branch
Orlando Florida South Stake: one branch dissolved
Derby Kansas Stake: one ward dissolved
Olathe Kansas Stake: one ward created
Topeka Kansas Stake: one ward created
Rochester Minnesota Stake: Rochester 5th Ward created
Billings Montana East Stake: Skyview Ward created
Elko Nevada West Stake: one ward created
Los Lunes New Mexico Stake: Alamo (Navajo) Branch created
Charlotte North Carolina Stake: one ward created from one branch
Beaverton Oregon West Stake: one ward dissolved
Allen Texas Stake: Allen 7th (YSA) Branch created
Frisco Texas Stake: Prosper Ward created
Clearfield Utah Stake: Chelemes Ward created
Draper Utah Mountain Point Stake: Mountain Point 10th Ward created
Draper Utah South Mountain Stake: South Mountain 8th Ward created
Kaysville Utah Central Stake: one ward (YSA) created from one branch (YSA)
Kaysville Utah East Stake: one ward (YSA) created from one branch (YSA)
Kearns Utah Central Stake: two wards dissolved
Logan Utah Stake: one ward created
Salt Lake Sugar House Stake: Parleys Creek (Swahili) Branch created
South Jordan Utah River Ridge Stake: River Ridge 9th Ward created
Spokane Washington East Stake: Ponderosa Ward created

Change in Wards: +13

Change in Branches: -2


Calgary Alberta South Stake: Chaparral Ward created


Zen said...

Question for you: I have been trying to find some statistics on the single adult members of the church. I know they are a large fraction, and that they are disproportionally inactive, but I wonder if you could give me some hard numbers.

Matt said...

Unfortunately I do not have any "hard" statistics for that. I live in the Denver area and I know that the activity rate is estimated to be only 10% for YSA here. In my stake, there are 70 who attend the student ward even though there are 500 some members who fit the YSA criteria in the stake. I believe that the 10% statistic I cited above has improved since I received it a couple years ago considering some of the small YSA branches in the Denver area which only had a dozen or so attending have grown into 70 or so attending today.

It can be difficult to get a good statistic for activity of YSA because they are very dynamic population. Oftentimes many of then refuse to go to YSA wards and continue to attend family wards. They also tend to regularly attend multiple congregations.

Fortunately many of the YSA who are inactive eventually come back to the Church later in adulthood. However there is a large percentage who never do, oftentimes because they never studied and gained a strong testimony about the Church. Going inactive exacerbates the problem, as many forget much of what the Church actually teaches, leaving them with a mixture of true and false conceptions about the Church that tend to prevent them from coming back later on. I have seen this with inactive YSA members, one of which expressed their contempt to my wife that their grandmother can never go to heaven because she was never baptized (obviously forgotten the doctrine of baptisms for the dead and missionary work in the Spirit World).

There are around 1,250 YSA and student single congregations in the United States and Canada.

jessica said...

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