Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Change in Congregations

  • Glendale Arizona North Stake: one ward created from one branch
  • Casa Grande Arizona Stake: Casa Grande 7th Ward created
  • Peoria Arizona Stake: one ward created from one branch
  • Surprise Arizona Stake: White Tank Ward created
  • Bakersfield California Stake: one ward created from two branches
  • Fairfield California Stake: one ward dissolved
  • Fontana California Stake: one branch dissolved
  • Moreno Valley California Stake: one ward dissolved
  • Rancho Cucamonga California Stake: one ward created from one branch
  • San Diego California Sweetwater Stake: one branch dissolved
  • Turlock California Stake: Hughson 2nd Branch created
  • Upland California Stake: one branch dissolved
  • Tallahassee Florida Stake: one branch created from one ward
  • Albany Georgia Stake: one ward created from one branch
  • Eagle Idaho Stake: one ward created
  • Meridian Idaho Paramount Stake: Silverleaf Ward created
  • Silver Spring Maryland Stake: Takoma Park (French) Branch created
  • Fallon Nevada Stake: one branch dissolved
  • Las Cruces New Mexico Stake: one ward (Spanish) created from one branch
  • Cincinnati Ohio East Stake: Little Miami Ward created
  • Youngstown Ohio Stake: one ward dissolved
  • Abilene Texas Stake: one branch dissolved
  • Friendswood Texas Stake: one branch (YSA) created
  • Longview Texas Stake: Lufkin 2nd (Spanish) Branch created
  • Lehi Traverse Mountain Stake: one ward (Spanish) created from one branch
  • Pleasant View Utah South Stake: Misty Meadows Ward created

Change in wards: +9

Change in branches: -8


James said...

I notice that many of the branches and wards being dissolved are YSA units. A few years ago the church greatly increased the number of YSA units and now they seem to be reducing them back. Do you know the reason for this? Was the increase an experiment to see how they would do, and now their pulling them back to numbers that function better?

Matt said...

I do not think that YSA units are more likely to be dissolved unless it is to combine one branch with another to create a ward. Yes, the Church started a massive YSA unit creation spree which began in 2004 and has tapered off since. In the Denver area (where I live) all but one of the new branches created in 2004 are still in existence today (which numbered around six I believe), many of which have become wards or much stronger branches. We continue to see many new YSA units organized throughout the U.S.

I would say that Spanish units are as likely to be discontinued as YSA units, but that depends on where they are. Family wards in areas where members have been consistently moving away (like most of the Los Angeles area) are the most suseptible of all congregations in the U.S. to dissolution. In the United States it is very rare for wards or branches to be dissolved because of inactivity.

Matt said...

True...Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, and Fontana California Stakes all combined their small YSA branches into one large YSA Ward in the Rancho Cucamonga Stake to serve all 3 stakes. This is not about inactivity, but more about YSAs tend to do better in a larger YSA ward.

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