Thursday, May 7, 2009

Change in Congregations

  • Phoenix Arizona Deer Valley Stake: Pinnacle Vista Ward created
  • Phoenix Arionza East Stake: Catalina (Spanish) Branch created
  • Mesa Arizona Kimball Stake: Escalante (Spanish) Branch created
  • Colorado Springs Colorado Stake: two wards dissolved
  • Colorado Springs East Stake: Meridian Ward created
  • Golden Colorado Stake: one ward dissolved
  • Wilmington Delaware Stake: one ward created
  • Savannah Georgia Stake: one ward created from one branch
  • Idaho Falls South Stake: one ward dissolved
  • Farmington New Mexico Stake: Tres Rios (Spanish) Branch created
  • Charlotte North Carolina South Stake: Catawba 2nd Ward created
  • Gilmer Texas Stake: one branch dissolved
  • Weatherford Texas Stake: Weatherford 2nd (YSA) Branch created
  • Newport News Virginia Stake: one branch dissolved
  • Pembroke Virginia Stake: Floyd Branch created
  • Roanoke Virginia Stake: one ward created from one branch
  • Kearns Utah South Stake: two wards dissolved
  • Providence Utah South Stake: Millville 5th Ward created
  • Salt Lake Utah (Tongan) Stake: Layton 5th (Tongan) Branch created
  • Taylorsville Utah South Stake: one ward created from one branch, one ward dissolved
  • Redmond Washington Stake: Big Rock Ward created

Change in Wards: +2

Change in Branches: +1

Change In The Ratio of LDS Members to Non-LDS Members In The United States

Since the year 2000, we have seen substantial changes in how membership is distributed in the United States. Not only have many states' Church membership and number of congregations grown substantially since 2000, but we have seen membership increase at a faster rate than the population. The five states which have seen the strongest membership growth by percentage from 2000 to 2008 are Tennessee (36.5%), West Virginia (35.1%), Kentucky (31.4%), Iowa (30.7%), and South Carolina (29.5%). These five states have the strongest growth as a result of converts joining the Church and Church members moving to them. One of the highest baptizing missions in the Church in the Southeast of the United States is the Tennessee Nashville Mission. Only three states' Church membership grew by less than 10% since 2000: California (0.9%), Oregon (6.8%) and New Hampshire (8.6%).

The percentage of members in the general population of a state (expressed as one member per "x" many people in the table below) increased most dramatically in Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Minnesota. Six states saw a modest decline in this statistic: California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Utah, and Idaho. As for the United States as a whole, the ratio of members to non-members increased from 1 in 54 to 1 in 51.
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