Friday, June 19, 2009

Change in Congregations

  • Arizona Tucson West Stake: Sahuaro (Spanish) Branch created
  • Marietta Georgia East Stake: Cherokee (Spanish) Branch created
  • Powder Springs Georgia Stake: Sweetwater (Spanish) Branch created
  • Bloomfield Hills Michigan Stake: Palmer Park Ward created from the Palmer Park Branch
  • Springfield Missouri South Stake: Branson 3rd (Spanish) Branch created
  • Albuquerque New Mexico East Stake: Valle Vista (Spanish) Branch created
  • Farmington Utah Oakridge Stake: Willow Bend Ward created
  • Lehi Utah North Stake: Lehi 43rd Ward created
  • Providence Utah Stake: one ward created

Change in wards: +4

Change in branches: +4


The Chatelain's said...

I'm noticing that most of these new units say "ward ward" or "branch branch". Stop me if you already knew this.

Matt said...

Yeah, I have noticed this and it tends to go away after a couple weeks for new units. Only a handful of new units have this happen; why I don't know.

jessica said...

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