Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Change In Congregations

  • Apache Junction Arizona Stake: one ward created
  • Show Low Arizona Stake: one ward created from one branch
  • Jurupa California Stake: Eastvale 2nd Ward created
  • Ft. Lauderdale Florida Stake: two branches dissolved
  • Hilo Hawaii Stake: Waikahe Ward created
  • Chicago Illinois Stake: one ward created from one branch
  • Cambridge Massachusetts Stake: Charles River (YSA) Ward created
  • Exeter New Hampshire Stake: one ward created from one branch (Spanish)
  • Columbia South Carolina Stake: Elgin Ward created
  • Eagle Mountain Utah West Stake: Eagle Mountain 11th Ward created
  • Lehi Utah Willow Park Stake: Lehi 44th (Deaf) Branch created
  • Spanish Fork Utah South Stake: Spanish Fork 23rd (Care Center) Branch created
  • St George Utah Red Cliffs Stake: Red Cliffs 9th Ward created

Change in wards: +10

Change in branches: -3


  • Montreal Quebec Stake: Laurier (YSA) Branch created


Matt said...

There's also the new Deschutes River Ward, Lacey Washington Stake.

rfelsted said...

Up to abut 1950 there were scores if not hundreds of home Sunday Schools around the US in areas just opening to the Church. These have been replaced now, it appears, by dependent branches and home groups.

Are these dependent branches and home groups listed on the US and Canada Stake Websites? If not, is there any way to find out how many there are and where they are located?

Also, I note that stake websites are now included for Australia and New Zealand, although not all stakes have signed up yet.

Matt said...

The Church does not provide any resources I am aware of for finding dependent branches and groups. The best way to find information for a particular area would be to contact the mission office for the area one would be interested in.

Yes, I noticed too that websites are now authorized for Australia and New Zealand. I have been keeping track of where new congregations have been created in Australia. In the past six months or so only a few new wards were created in Australia, two of which were in Melbourne, one in Perth, and one in Brisbane.

The Chatelain's said...

Rocky Face (spanish) branch became a ward in the last couple weeks. Chattanooga Stake

Hilary said...

Hi Matt,

I'm single and recently joined the Church. I've been thinking of moving away from Santa Barbara, CA, and having a hard time figuring out where to go. Any suggestions for an area that has the most single LDS men between the ages of 29 and 40?


Matt said...

I just noticed the other day about the Rocky Face (Spanish) Branch becoming a ward. That is exciting because the branch was only created in April of 2007.

Congratulations on you recently joining the Church Hilary. As for your "where are there the most single LDS men between 29-40" question, you would have the largest population of men that fit this profile likely in areas where there are the most Church members. This means you're best bet would be Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, Pheonix, or Los Angeles. However every stake has programs for singles who are no longer considered "Young Single Adults" with the possible exception of some students stakes in the Western U.S.

There are eight wards and one branch that are specifically designated as "Single Adult" wards in the United States. All of these Church units are in California, Utah and Arizona. If you want more information on where these congregations are, type in "single adult" in the stake and ward websites site.

You might want to make your decision on where to move based more on your vocation rather than where the most single LDS men are that are 29-40. Places in which you would be able to find the best bet for have a greater "selection" would be of course in larger cities with large LDS populations like I listed above.

Good luck!

Ryan said...

I noticed that there haven't been any recent posts on newer wards or branches.

We had a general stake conference broadcast for Alaska and Washington. I know every ward, branch, stake, district, and buildings in Alaska. Recently, the Tamarack Branch was created in the Fairbanks Alaska Stake (though I do not know where yet).

I have also estimated the list of stakes that are most likely to split in Alaska by size of stake and approximate members (minimum - maximum)

1. Wasilla Alaska Stake (10 wards, 3 branches) between 2150 - 5600 members

2 Anchorage Alaska North Stake (9 wards, 1 branch) between 1850 - 4700 members

3. Anchorage Alaska Stake (8 wards, 1 branch) between 1650 - 4200 members

4. Anchorage Alaska Chugach Stake (8 wards, 1 branch) between 1650-4200 members

5. Fairbanks Alaska Stake (7 wards, 7 branches) between 1750 - 4000 members

6. Juneau Alaska Stake (4 wards, 10 branches) 1300 - 4000 members
*1250 - 3800 members if Whitehorse Branch is excluded

7. Soldotna Alaska Stake (5 wards, 2 branches) 1100 - 2900 members

8. Anchorage Alaska Bush District (7 branches) 350 - 1400 members