Saturday, January 2, 2010

Change in Congregations

United States
  • Mesa Arizona Boulder Creek Stake: Redfield Ward created
  • Phoenix Arizona Stake: Trailside Ward created
  • Fontana California Stake: Oleander Ward created from discontinued Juniper and Like Oak Wards
  • Oakley California East (Tongan) Stake: Oakley 2nd (Tongan) Branch created
  • Penasquitos California Stake: Mira Mesa 4th (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Pocatello Idaho University 1st (Student) Stake: Pocatello University 4th (Student Single) Ward discontinued
  • Rigby Idaho Stake: Rigby 6th (YSA) Ward created from one branch
  • Hingham Massachusetts Stake: Southcoast Ward created from discontinued Fall River Branch and North Dartmouth Ward
  • Caldwell New Jersey Stake: Bayonne 1st (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Lynbrook New York District: Hempstead 1st Branch discontinued
  • Oklahoma City South Stake: one branch discontinued
  • Rapid City South Dakota Stake: Canyon Lake, Mount Rushmore, Rapid City and Rapid Valley Wards created from discontinued Rapid City 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wards. Black Hills (YSA) Branch discontinued.
  • Alpine Utah North Stake: Eagle Crest 2nd Ward created
  • Highland Utah West Stake: Highland 36th Ward created
  • Kaysville Utah West Stake: Francis Peak (Spanish) Ward created from one branch
Change in wards: +5

Change in branches: -7

  • Vancouver British Columbia Stake: Vancouver 4th (Spanish) Ward upgraded from Branch
  • Saint John New Brunswick Stake: one branch discontinued
  • Toronto Ontario Stake: Toronto Beaches Ward discontinued
Change in wards: +0

Change in branches: -2


Matt said...

The new Oakley 2nd (Tongan) Branch is part of the Oakland California East (Tongan) Stake. (Not Oakley Stake. There's no Oakley Stake:)

Also there's the new Oakgrove 1st Branch (YSA/Tongan) in Concord, CA that's part of the Oakland CA East (Tongan) Stake.

Gnesileah said...

The Union City 2nd (Tongan) Ward is also part of the Oakland California East (Tongan) Stake. These three units, Oakley 2nd, Oakgrove 1st, and Union City 2nd, are the only units in the stake that do not have websites yet. Similar to the Apeldoorn Netherlands Stake, where the wards and branches have websites, but not the stake.

Also, I noticed that the Frankfurt Germany Stake is online now. I hope that trend continues throughout Europe! It is too hard trying to keep track of all the units from only LDS Maps.

rfelsted said...

If I count correctly, there are 2 Tongan stakes in the Bay Area, each with 9 units. Any ideas about the chances for a Tongan stake or two in the Los Angeles area? Also the Salt Lake Utah (Tongan) Stake is very large with 12 or 14 units.