Sunday, January 10, 2010

Change in Congregations

  • Mesa Arizona Desert Ridge Stake: Bella Via Ward created, one branch discontinued
  • Phoenix Arizona Stake: Aguila (Spanish) Ward created
  • Apex North Carolina Stake: Fuquay-Varina Ward created
  • McAllen Texas Stake: one branch discontinued
  • Richmond Texas Stake: Richmond 2nd Ward created
  • Syracuse Utah West Stake: Trailside and Turnberry Wards created
  • Clarksburg West Virginia Stake: New Martinsville Ward created from New Martinsville Branch
Change in wards: +7

Change in branches: -3


Tony said...

The Port Isabel branch was transfered from the McAllen stake to the Harlingen Stake

Matt said...

Thanks for the clarification. I take it that one of the branches was discontinued in the Harlingen Stake considering before the Port Isabel Branch was transfered there were six branches in the Harlingen Stake and there are still six branches today.

Gnesileah said...

The branch that was discontinued was the Progresso (Spanish) Branch from the McAllen Texas Stake. The Port Isabel (Spanish) Branch has been part of the Harlingen Texas Stake since at least September 2009, and to my knowledge, no other units have been added or removed from the stake.

Ryan said...

How about a post on the districts in the US and Canada, how many branches in them, which ones are likely to be dissolved, split, or grow into stakes. Also, the possibility of new districts being created.

I know the Bush District in Alaska has a remote chance of becoming a stake, mainly because it covers such a large area, it would be more likely for it to split and split and split again until any of these can become stakes.

Ryan said...

Also, the wards in my stake (Chugach) are getting larger, aand with many members from the Anchorage half moving to the Eagle River/Chugiak half, we might see the creation of more wards in the Eagle River side. According to previous posts, it seems like a stake needs 12 to 15 wards before splitting, so if my stake were to split (there are 8 wards with 1 Hmong branch; 5 wards meeting out in Eagle River, and 3 wards meeting in Anchorage with the branch.) We would need 2 or 3 more wards in the Eagle River side, and 1 or 2 in the Anchorage side before splitting, maybe. Also the YSA ward in the North stake, which serves both stakes, meets in our stake center, and the Russian Jack Ward in the same stake's ward boundaries are much closer to our stake center than the building they currently go to. If a new stake were created, these two are highly likely going to be included with the Anchorage side stakes. Please see for details. Maps are also available for the other 4 stakes and the Bush Branch

Ryan said...

Also, FYI (sorry for leaving so many comments) in the Fairbanks map, the Tamarack Branch isn't show because I still don't know where they are based or meeting. No info shown on or their maps

Matt said...

I was actually just thinking about writing a post about the handful of districts in the US and Canada yesterday. They are definitely few in number and decreasing. I'll put a post up on them in the coming week. Thanks for the suggestion.

Matt said...

Ryan, the Tamarack Branch in the Fairbanks Stake, meets in Nenana, AK.

I think before Eagle River gets its own Stake, definitely Wasilla AK Stake is about to split into a Palmer AK Stake and Wasilla AK Stake.

MainTour said...

A recent news article was published about a month or two ago about the Alaska Bush District. The branch president and his counselors travel by airplane to visit tiny branches in far flung locations.

Ryan said...

Thanks! Now I can actually place it somewhere on a map. It has gone from nowhere to somewhere. A branch in Nenana is exciting. It would cut traveling time to Fairbanks or Healy.
Interestingly, all of the 25 largest cities in Alaska either has a ward or a branch meeting in a building in the city except Houston (23). Houston I think goes to the Willow Ward. I think if a ward were created here, it would be made of parts of Willow Ward and bits of Settlers Bay and Fairview Wards.
I have been told that the Soldotna Stake hasn't grown at all since it was created. Hopefully, this pace will change.

rfelsted said...

To Matt:

This is off-topic, but have you had confirmation yet on the stake planned for today in Uganda?