Sunday, April 18, 2010

Change in Congregations

  • Tucson Arizona West Stake: Red Rock Ward created
  • Newport Beach California Stake: Newport Hills Ward created
  • Pleasanton California Stake: Dublin 2nd (Mandarin) Branch created
  • San Francisco California East (Tongan) Stake: One ward created from one branch
  • Fort Collins Colorado Stake: Prospect (YSA) Ward created
  • BYU-Idaho 4th (Student Married) Stake: BYU-Idaho 94th (Student Married) Ward created
  • Harrisville Utah Stake: Independence (Care Center) Branch created
  • Logan Utah Central Stake: one ward discontinued
Change in wards: +4

Change in branches: +1


Sam said...

Liberty Missouri Stake
Far West Ward Created
Excelsior Springs Ward and Richmond Branches Dissolved
Wood Heights Ward Created

Ryan said...

My ward, the Centennial Park Ward in the Anchorage Alaska Chugach Stake was combined with the Chester Valley Ward. Our combined ward is called the Chester Valley Ward. In addition, our ward was transferred to the Anchorage Alaska North Stake, and I believe the Anchorage (YSA) Ward was transferred from the North Stake to the Chugach Stake. For years, families in our wards have moved out to other places (like Eagle River and Wasilla), and at the time of our combination, we were "almost two branches." Now with the combination, we look like a ward again, but we are still losing a few families, though.

Ryan said...

I think that these changes, the dissolution of the Bush District, the combination and transfer of my ward to another stake, is a slow wave to possibly create a new stake in Anchorage. Anchorage has 8 buildings, 4 are stake-center size. I think the Chugach Stake will eventually encompass all of Eagle River and Chugiak (the Eagle River and Alpenglow Chapels are no where near Stake Center size, so I don't know what will happen there); the North Stake will be squished over to East Anchorage and Midtown; the Anchorage Stake will be moved to West Anchorage and Downtown; and there might be a new stake (possibly South Stake). There is a total of 19 Wards and 4 Branches (24 Wards including Eagle River and Chugiak) in Anchorage, which would equate to 6 Wards per stake if a fourth stake was created sometime soon.