Thursday, August 19, 2010

Change in Congregations

  • Bessemer Alabama Stake: Lorna (Spanish) Branch created
  • Anchorage Alaska North Stake: One branch discontinued
  • Huntington Park California West (Spanish) Stake: One ward created from two branches
  • Rialto California Stake: Inland Empire (Samoan) Ward created
  • San Francisco California East (Tongan) Stake: One ward created from one branch
  • Bradenton Florida Stake: One ward and one branch discontinued
  • Macon Georgia Stake: One ward created from one branch
  • Pocatello Idaho East Stake: Sagewood Hills Ward created
  • Las Vegas Nevada East Stake: One ward discontinued
  • Potsdam New York District: One branch discontinued
  • North Las Vegas Nevada Stake: One ward created
  • Spring Texas Stake: Spring Trails and Imperial Oaks Wards created
  • Eagle Mountain Utah West Stake: Eagle Mountain 12th Ward created
  • Harrisville Utah Stake: One branch discontinued
  • Lehi Utah Traverse Mountain Stake: Traverse Mountain 8th Ward created
  • Logan Utah Stake: Logan River Trails and Meadowbrook Wards created
  • Logan Utah Central Stake: One ward discontinued
  • Logan Utah South Stake: One ward created
  • North Salt Lake Utah Legacy Stake: One ward created
  • Orem Utah Timpview Stake: Timpview 7th (YSA) Ward created from Timpview 7th (YSA) Branch
  • Pleasant Grove Utah Garden Stake: One ward discontinued, one branch created
  • Provo Utah Parkway Stake: One ward created from one branch
  • Centreville Virginia Stake: Haymarket Ward created
  • Cheyenne Wyoming Stake: Sunrise Ward created
  • Green River Wyoming Stake: One ward discontinued

Change in wards: +13

Change in branches: -8


Matt said...

Slight correction. In the Rialto CA Stake the new ward created is the Rialto 3rd Ward (Spanish). The Inland Empire Ward (Samoan) has been around for a few years. What is nice to see is that Rialto was one of smaller stakes in the area with the changing demographics of being less white and English speaking. However in its place new Spanish and Samoan Wards has been added to now the Rialto Stake is as large as it was in the past. So the stake is now roughly a third English Speaking, third Spanish Speaking, third Samoan Speaking. I sense this is the pattern of growth in other Southern California Stakes where losing a few English wards, the stakes are stablizing and growing with newer Spanish or other language units. Good to see.

What's also good to see at least here in California I see, is that more Americanized Latinos are moving from Spanish Wards into English Wards. So long term, while some areas may become more Latino, that doesn't necessarily mean there will more reductions in English speaking units as newer immigrants will go to Spanish units and 2nd Generation Latinos will go to English units...

Matt said...

Great comment and thanks for the correction. I've noticed an increase in Spanish-speaking branches in California over the past year or so. Hopefully we'll see continued congregational growth in California considering it is the most populous US state.

John said...

What branch was discontinued in the Madison TN Stake? The only branch they've had since Louisville KY Stake picked up Sulphur Well and Glasgow branches is the Madison (Spanish) Branch. But according to LUWS and CDOL Madison (Spanish) is still functioning.

Matt said...

You're right John. No branch was discontinued in the Madison TN Stake. I've corrected the error.

Gnesileah said...

Here are a few more changes:

Mesa Arizona Alta Mesa Stake: Ensenada Park (Spanish) Branch discontinued.

Winslow Arizona Stake: Desert View, North Park and Winslow Plaza Wards discontinued; Brigham City and Sunset Wards created.

Little Rock Arkansas Stake: Rodney Parham (Spanish) Branch created.

San Diego California East Stake: La Mesa 3rd (Spanish) Branch created.

San Diego California Sweetwater Stake: Sweetwater 3rd (Spanish) Branch created.

San Leandro California Stake: Castro Valley 2nd Ward discontinued.

San Francisco California East (Tongan) Stake: Peninsula 4th (Tongan/YSA) Branch updated to ward; Peninsula 5th (Tongan) Branch upgraded to ward.

Upland California Stake: Upland 4th (Spanish) Branch created.

Golden Colorado Stake: Conifer Ward discontinued.

Boise Idaho University (Student) Stake: Boise University 9th (Student Single) Ward discontinued.

Meridian Idaho Amity Stake: Blue Meadows Ward created.

Wilmette Illinois Stake: Lake Shore 1st and 2nd Wards created.

Asheville North Carolina Stake: Blairsville Branch created.

Franklin Tennessee Stake: Waverly Branch discontinued.

El Paso Texas Stake: Socorro Branch upgraded to ward.

Houston Texas East Stake: Baytown 3rd (Spanish) Branch created.

Spring Texas Stake: Oakwood Ward discontinued; College Park Ward created.

Beaver Utah Stake: Beaver 7th Ward created.

Bluffdale Utah Stake: Bluffdale 12th (YSA) Branch upgraded to ward.

Brigham Young University 7th (Student Single) Stake: BYU 126th (Student Single) Ward discontinued.

Brigham Young University 10th (Student Single) Stake: BYU 249th and 250th (Student Single) Wards created.

Clinton Utah Stake: Clinton 24th (YSA) Branch discontinued.

Kaysville Utah Stake: Mountain Vistas Ward created.

Kearns Utah Central Stake: Olympic Park 2nd (YSA) Ward created.

Kearns Utah West Stake: Westridge (YSA) Branch upgraded to ward.

Lehi Utah Traverse Mountain Stake: Pheasant Pointe 4th Ward created.

Magna Utah Central Stake: Spencer 8th (YSA) Ward created.

North Salt Lake Utah Legacy Stake: Woods Cross 17th Ward discontinued; Foxboro 7th Ward created.

Orem Utah Timpview Stake: North Land Branch discontinued; Timpview 10th Ward created.

Price Utah Sake: Carbon (Spanish) Branch created.

Provo Utah Wasatch (Tongan) Stake: Eagle Mountain 12th (Samoan) and Eagle Mountain 13th (Tongan) Branches created.

Riverton Utah Copperview Stake: Copperview 7th Ward created.

Salt Lake Winder Stake: Winder 16th Ward discontinued.

St George Utah Stake: St George 3rd Ward discontinued.

Frederickburg Virginia Stake: Hartwood Ward created.

Cheyenne Wyoming Stake: Gering Ward discontinued; Chimney Rock Ward created.

Abbotsford British Columbia Stake: Chilliwack 2nd Ward created.