Sunday, September 12, 2010

Change in Congregations

  • Mesa Arizona Alta Mesa Stake: Ensenada Park (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Winslow Arizona Stake: Desert View, North Park, and Winslow Plaza Wards discontinued to create the Brigham City and Sunset Wards
  • Little Rock Arkansas Stake: Rodney Parham (Spanish) Branch created
  • San Leandro California Stake: Castro Valley 2nd Ward discontinued
  • Upland California Stake: Upland 4th (Spanish) Branch created
  • Golden Colorado Stake: Conifer Ward discontinued
  • Boise Idaho University (Student) Stake: Boise Idaho 9th (Student Single) Ward discontinued
  • Meridian Idaho Amity Stake: Blue Meadows Ward created
  • Wilmette Illinois Stake: Lake Short 1st and Lake Shore 2nd Wards created
  • Asheville North Carolina Stake: Blairsville Branch created
  • Franklin Tennessee Stake: Waverly Branch discontinued
  • El Paso Texas Stake: Soccoro Ward created from Soccoro Branch
  • Beaver Utah Stake: Beaver 7th Ward created
  • Brigham Young University 7th (Student Single) Stake: BYU 126th (Student Single) Ward discontinued
  • Brigham Young University 10th (Student Single) Stake: BYU 249th and BYU 250th (Student Single) Wards created
  • Clinton Utah Stake: Clinton 24th (YSA) Branch discontinued
  • Ephraim Utah Stake: One ward created
  • Kaysville Utah Stake: Mountain Visas Ward created
  • Kearns Utah Central Stake: Olympic Park 2nd (YSA) Ward created
  • Kearns Utah West Stake: Westridge (YSA) Ward created
  • Lehi Utah Traverse Mountain Stake: Pheasant Pointe 4th Ward created
  • Logan Utah YSA 6th Stake: One ward discontinued
  • Magna Utah Central Stake: Spencer 8th (YSA) Ward created
  • Provo Utah Wasatch (Tongan) Stake: Eagle Mountain 12th (Samoan) and Eagle Mountain 13th (Tongan) Branches created
  • Morgan Utah Stake: Morgan 11th and Morgan 12th Wards created
  • Mount Pleasant Utah North Stake: North Sanpete (YSA) Branch discontinued
  • Pleasant Grove Utah West Stake: Grove 7th (YSA) Ward created
  • Riverton Utah Copperview Stake: Copperview 8th Ward created
  • Salt Lake Winder West Stake: Winder 16th Ward discontinued
  • Smithfield Utah YSA Stake: Smithfield YSA 1st Ward created from Summit Creek (YSA) Branch
  • St George Utah East Stake: St George 26th (Student Married) Ward created
  • St George Utah YSA 1st Stake: One ward discontinued, Pine View Ward created from one branch
  • St George Utah YSA 2nd Stake: eight wards discontinued
  • Fredericksburg Virginia Stake: Hartwood Ward created
Change in wards: +5

Change in branches: -2