Saturday, December 11, 2010

Change in Congregations

  • Tampa Florida Stake: Odessa Ward created from Odessa Branch
  • St. Cloud Minnesota Stake: Wadena Branch created
  • Henderson Nevada Lake Mead Stake: Country Brook Ward discontinued
  • Saratoga Springs Utah South Stake: Lake Mountain 4th Ward created
  • Snohomish Washington Stake: Monroe 3rd (correctional facility) Branch created
Change in wards: +1

Change in branches: +1


Gnesileah said...

•Chula Vista California Stake: Otay River (Spanish) Ward created from branch.
•Salt Lake Granger West Stake: Granger West YSA Ward crearted from branch.
•Eagle Idaho Stake: Park Lane (YSA) Ward discontinued.
•Meridian Idaho Stake: Duane (YSA) Branch discontinued.
•Meridian Idaho Amity Stake: Mountain View (YSA) Branch discontinued.
•Meridian Idaho North Stake: Chinden (YSA) Ward discontinued.
•Meridian Idaho Paramount Stake: Meridian 9th (YSA) Ward discontinued.
•Boise Idaho Stake: Boise 7th (YSA) Ward discontinued.
•Boise Idaho North Stake: Northview (YSA) Branch discontinued.
•Boise Idaho Central Stake: Town Square (YSA) Branch discontinued.
•Boise Idaho West Stake: Sundance (YSA) Ward discontinued.
•Boise Idaho YSA Stake (renamed from Boise Idaho Universiy (Student) Stake):
•Boise University 1st (Student Married) Ward transferred to the Boise Idaho North Stake;
•Boise University 4th (Student Married) Ward transferred to the Boise Idaho Central Stake;
•Boise University 3rd, 5th, 11th and 12th (Student Single) Wards discontinued;
•Boise YSA 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Wards created.
(Overall, in the Boise area, 13 YSA/Student congregations were consolidated into 7 wards).

brycen said...

It seems if I recall that there were several large stakes close to splitting just north of Seattle - Snohomish might have been one of them. I think Arlington and Marysville, maybe Everett as well. Those are all places I lived or visited when I was little and would like to see again if I get a chance to get back to Seattle.

The Chatelain's said...

Summer Grove ward created in the Jonesboro Georgia stake

Gnesileah said...

Longueuil Québec Stake: Victoria (Spanish) Ward created from branch.

Montréal Québec Stake: Sainte Jovite Branch discontinued.

Afton Wyoming Stake: Cottonwood Ward created.

Meeker Colorado Stake: Parachute Branch created.

Poway California Stake: Poway (Spanish) Branch created.

AndrewG said...

With the Parachute Branch being formed, the Meeker Colorado Stake now has 11 wards and 4 branches. That's a stake I could see being spit in the near future.

ScottS said...

On 24 October 2010 the Marysville Washington Stake split to form the Arlington Washington Stake. The remaining Marysville Stake took 3 wards from the Snohomish Washington Stake.

Ryan said...

The 2 Samoan Wards in Anchorage are being divided to make a 3rd. The Anchorage 16th (Samoan) Ward will be renamed, and the wards will be named Northern Lights, Lake Otis (?), and Dimond (?). From what I have heard from other members, the Samoans aren't very respectful to the buildings they use, but hopefully that will change soon. One of the Samoan wards will be meeting in the same building as our ward, which is the stake center for the Chugach Stake. I figure if they disrespect this building, their Stake President will tell our Stake President, and maybe this will finally be taken care of. I don't like to think negatively about the Samoans. They are extremely nice people.

Gnesileah said...

• Sandy Utah Crescent Ridge Stake: Crescent Ridge 3rd Ward not discontinued as earlier reported

• Martinsburg West Virginia Stake: Keyser Branch discontinued.
• Colleyville Texas Stake: Roanoke Ward created.
• Denton Texas Stake: Crossroads Ward created.
• Canoga Park California Stake: West Valley (YSA) Ward discontinued.
• Sacramento California Stake: Sacramento 7th (Spanish) Branch created.
• Yuba City California Stake: Camptonville Branch discontinued
• Eagle Mountain Utah East Stake: Silver Lake 3rd Ward created.
• St George Utah YSA 1st Stake: Red Cliffs YSA Ward created.
• Morgan Utah North Stake: Silver Lake Ward created.
• Draper Utah Eastridge Stake: Eastridge YSA Ward created.
• Draper Utah Stake: Draper YSA Ward created.
• Fort Herriman Utah Stake: Herriman 4th Ward created.
• Herriman Utah Rose Canyon Stake: Rose Canyon YSA Ward created.
• Sandy Utah Hidden Valley Stake: Hidden Valley 1st Ward discontinued.
• West Jordan Utah Prairie Stake: Prairie YSA Ward created.
• West Jordan Utah Westland Stake: Westland YSA Branch created.