Sunday, January 16, 2011

Change in Congregations

  • Anchorage Alaska Stake: Dimond (Samoan) Ward created
  • Canoga Park California Stake: West Valley (YSA) Ward discontinued
  • Yuba City California Stake: Camptonville Branch discontinued
  • Castle Rock Colorado Stake: Canyon Ridge Ward created
  • Denver North Colorado Stake: Henderson Ward created
  • Parker Colorado Stake: Newlin Meadows Ward created
  • Jonesboro Georgia Stake: Summer Grove Ward created from Moreland Branch
  • Kingsport Tennessee Stake: Abingdon Ward created, Lebanon Branch discontinued
  • Odessa Texas Stake: Midland YSA Branch created
  • San Antonio Texas West Stake: Uvalde Ward created from Uvalde Branch
  • Draper Utah Stake: Draper YSA Ward created
  • Draper Utah Eastridge Stake: Eastridge YSA Ward created
  • Eagle Mountain Utah East Stake: Silver Lake 3rd Ward created
  • Fort Herriman Utah Stake: Herriman 4th Ward created
  • Herriman Utah Rose Canyon Stake: Rose Canyon YSA Branch created
  • Morgan Utah North Stake: Silver Lake Ward created
  • Sandy Utah Hidden Valley Stake: Hidden Valley 1st Ward discontinued
  • St George Utah YSA 1st Stake: Red Cliffs YSA Ward created
  • West Jordan Utah Prairie Stake: Prairie YSA Ward created
  • West Jordan Utah Westland Stake: Westland YSA Branch created
  • Martinsburg West Virginia Stake: Falling Waters (Spanish) Branch created, Keyser Branch discontinued
Change in wards: +12

Change in branches: -1


Gnesileah said...

• Saint John New Brunswick Stake: Island Falls [Maine] Branch discontinued.
• Huntington West Virgina Stake: Portsmouth [Ohio] Branch upgraded to Ward.
• Herriman Utah Rose Canyon Stake: Rose Canyon YSA Ward downgraded to Branch.
• West Jordan Utah Welby Stake: Welby YSA Ward created.
• Clearfield Utah North Stake: Clearfield 21st (YSA) Branch upgraded to Clearfield YSA Ward.
• American Fork Utah Stake: American Fork 40th (Care Center) Branch created.
• Lehi Utah Stake: Spring Creek 2nd Ward created.

Ryan said...

I had heard from someone that the Samoan Wards in Anchorage might split again either this year or next year. Seeing the Northern Lights (Samoan) Ward after ours got done, they filled the chapel completely. Eagle River, Muldoon, Baxter, Lake Hood, and Strawberry are the only chapels that don't have 3 wards meeting in them. Currently, Anchorage can possibly have 5 small stakes (5 each), but that might be too small. I figure either an Eagle River Alaska Stake if there are more wards out there (Eagle River and Alpenglow chapels are too small to be stake centers) or the Anchorage Stake moves to occupy Western Anchorage, and an Anchorage Alaska South Stake is made (or vice versa for Anchorage Alaska West Stake). It's all speculation for me.

Ryan said...

I don't know what the activity rates are, but I estimate the Tongan Ward might split in the future and be an East/West division. Also, there might be another English Ward to go along with the Tongan Ward. The 3 stakes in Anchorage and 1 in Wasilla can split to make 7 small stakes with 5 wards each and 1-2 branches each. 5 wards and 2 branches is the same size as the Soldotna Stake, which, from what I've heard, hasn't grown since it was created.

Lowell Goodsell said...

El Monte 1st Ward, Hacienda Heights California Stake was discontinued on 9 Jan 2011. Members living south of Valley Blvd were transferred to Hacienda Heights 2nd Ward; those north of Valley Blvd to Orangewood Ward.
The El Monte Ward was organized on 30 Aug 1942. During the 1960s and 1970s El Monte had a population of +/-75,000 and 3 English speaking wards. With this change, El Monte (population now 125,000) has no English speaking wards within the city. There is, however, 1 Spanish speaking ward.