Sunday, April 17, 2011

Change in Congregations

  • North Little Rock Arkansas Stake: Choctaw Ward created
  • Rogers Arkansas Stake: Central Park Ward created from Centerton 2nd Branch; Grove Ward created from Grove Branch
  • Derby Kansas Stake: College Hill Ward created
  • Springfield Missouri South Stake: Nixa Ward created
  • Sparks Nevada Stake: Red Hill Ward created from Red Hill Branch
  • East Brunswick New Jersey Stake: Princeton 3rd (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Morristown New Jersey Stake: Dover (Spanish) Ward created from Dover (Spanish) Branch. 
  • Yorktown New York Stake: Darien Ward created
  • Redmond Oregon Stake: Ashwood (Correctional Facility) Branch created
  • Salem Oregon Stake: Willamette River (Spanish) Branch created
  • Chattanooga Tennessee Stake: Athens Ward created from Athens Branch
  • Nashville Tennessee Stake: Green Hills YSA Branch created
  • Corpus Christi Texas Stake: Corpus Christi YSA Branch created
  • Harlingen Texas Stake: Treasure Hills Branch created; Los Fresnos Ward created from Los Fresnos Branch; Port Isabel (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Houston Texas (Spanish) Stake: Galena Park (Spanish) Ward created from Jacinto City (Spanish) Branch
  • Spanish Fork Utah River Stake: West Park (Spanish) Branch created
  • Spanish Fork Utah West Stake: Lake Shore 3rd Ward created
Change in wards: +12

Change in branches: -3


Jeff said...

Not sure where your info came from on this one, but the Princeton 3rd Branch has not been discontinued. I'm in the Princeton 1st Ward and saw them meeting today. And the branch still has a presence on the stake website.

The Chatelain's said...

I'm wondering why the Escondido stakes were combined. There are now 14 wards in that stake. Unless there are ward consolidations to come. I understand Salt Lake Mount Olympus and Blanding.

Matt said...

I have a feeling the Escondido Stakes combining is a temporary thing. The former Escondido Stake had 5 wards while Escondido South Stake had 9 wards. Also Poway Stake right next door also has 14 Wards. So does Vista Stake with 14 Wards. So perhaps look for some realignments in the stakes in Northern San Diego County soon where one or two new stakes will be created with a net result of a just a realignment or one stake being created.

So it's a one-step-backwards, two-steps-forward type of thing.

wheels said...

@Matt on the church webiste i count 39 congregation between Escondido, Poway, and Vista stakes.
Escondido- 13
But I agree that a new stake will be formed with realignments of the boundaries

Jeff said...

I seriously doubt we'll see a new stake in the San Diego area. In fact, there could easily be further consolidation. Escondido is now down to 13 wards; Vista is only 11+1; Poway is 11+3; and it looks like the Church is more interested in large stakes (in the US, at least) than small ones--witness the recent consolidations elsewhere. Regarding other stakes in the San Diego area, neighboring stakes Del Mar and Penasquitos have 7+1 and 6+2 respectively. Then you have the grouping of San Diego (6+1), San Diego East (5+1), San Diego Sweetwater (6+1), Santee (5+2), and El Cajon (6). That is a lot of small stakes all close together. In other words, we could easily see three more stakes consolidated in that temple district.

John Pack Lambert said...

My guess on the Escondido Stake is that a big factor is that Escondido is going down hill fast. It is becoming a heavily gand infested area which has caused many active Church members to move away.

John Pack Lambert said...

Escondido stake is now down to 11 wards. Thus it appears the stake consolidation was in preparation for ward consolidations.

It would probably be good to realign boundaries in the area for stakes, but stake boundary realignment is a rare process, even in areas where boundaries were drawn 35 years ago when there were small towns that have since been swallowed up in suburban growth that creates new population alignments. This comment most applies to the area wher the Ann Arbor, Bloomfield Hills, Westland and Grand Blanc Stakes all comne close together. There are large numbers of members in that area split between 4 wards, one of which is fairly large at least by area, the other 3 are also large by area and each meet in chapels a good distance away. In the case of the Walled Lake Ward in Bloomfield Hills Stake and the Northville Ward in Westland Stake, they meet in chapels that are 9 miles apart. South Lyon, the secondary population center in Northville Ward, and Milford, the same for Walled Lake Ward, are 8 miles apart. From Milford it is a 13 mile drive to the chapel, and even longer if you take the freeway. In the case of South Lyon it is an 18 mile drive, and a 26 mile drive if you take the freeway. There are actually people in Northville Ward who live further from the chapel than South Lyon, since it is only the firthest west city in the ward, not even the west end of the ward.