Sunday, February 27, 2011

Change in Congregations

  • Grand Junction Colorado Stake: Plateau Creek Branch discontinued
  • Blackfoot Idaho Stake: Rose 3rd Ward created
  • Annapolis Maryland Stake: Marley Creek (Spanish) and Spa Creek (Spanish) Branches created
  • Anoka Minnesota Stake: Weaver Ward created; Twin Cities 4th (Hmong) Branch discontinued 
  • Columbus Oho East Stake:  Franklin 2nd (Spanish) Branch created
  • Bay City Texas Stake: Victoria Ward discontinued; Yoakum Branch created
  • Dallas Texas Stake: Pioneer (Spanish) Ward created from Pioneer (Spanish) Branch
  • Katy Texas Stake: Sealy 2nd (Spanish) Branch created 
  • American Fork Utah Stake: American Fork 40th (Care Center) Branch created 
  • Bloomington Utah Stake: Bloomington 9th (Samoan) Ward created from Bloomington 9th (Samoan) Branch
  • Lehi Utah Stake: Spring Creek 3nd Ward created
  • Orem Utah Sunset Heights Stake: Vineyard 3rd (Spanish) Ward created from Vineyard 3rd (Spanish) Branch
  • South Jordan Utah Daybreak Stake: Daybreak 5th (Spanish) Ward created
  • South Jordan Utah Founders Park Stake: One branch discontinued
  • West Jordan Utah Welby Stake: Welby YSA Ward created
  • Pasco Washington Stake: Snake River Ward created
  • Huntington West Virginia Stake: Huntington 3rd (YSA) Branch discontinued; Logan Ward downgraded to Logan Branch
Change in wards: +7

Change in branches: +1