Friday, March 23, 2012

Change in Congregations

  • Murrieta California Stake: Cole Canyon Ward created
  • Parker Colorado South Stake: Legend Ward created
  • St Anthony Idaho Stake: St Anthony 5th (Spanish) Branch created
  • Rexburg Idaho Married Student 3rd Stake: Rexburg Married Student 30th Ward created
  • Davenport Iowa Stake: Dubuque 2nd Ward created
  • Lakeville Minnesota Stake: Owatonna (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Rio Rancho New Mexico Stake: Enchanted Hills Ward created
  • Goldsboro North Carolina Stake: Mount Olive 2nd (Spanish) and Smithfield 2nd (Spanish) Branches discontinued
  • Bismark North Dakota Stake: Williston 2nd Ward created; Dickinson Ward created from Dickinson Branch
  • Columbia South Carolina Stake: Sandhill Ward created
  • McMinnville Tennessee Stake: Shelbyville Ward created from Shelbyville Branch
  • Abilene Texas Stake: Abilene YSA Branch created
  • Houston Texas West (Spanish) Stake: Waller 2nd (Spanish) Branch created
  • Enterprise Utah Stake: Enterprise 6th (Spanish) Branch created
  • Salt Lake Pioneer YSA Stake: City Creek YSA 2nd Ward created
  • Seattle Washington Shoreline Stake: Aurora (Spanish) Branch created
Change in wards: +10

Change in branches: +0


MCS said...

The Brooklyn New York North District was dissolved. Its branches were consolidated and are now part of the Queens New York Stake, still as a branch.

Lyle said...

In the Salt Lake Pioneer YSA Stake:

The Liberty YSA Ward was discontinued.

The Riverside YSA Ward was created from the Rose Park YSA Ward.

In addition to the creation of the City Creek YSA 2nd Ward, the Templeview YSA Ward was renamed the City Creek YSA 3rd Ward.

John said...

The Wilmington Delaware Stake will divide tomorrow (15 April 2012) to create the Dover Delaware Stake.