Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Change in Congregations

  • Yuma Arizona Stake: Gila Ridge Branch created
  • Orange California Stake: Bristol (Tongan) Branch created
  • Temecula California Stake: Morgan Hill Ward created
  • Loveland Colorado Stake: Huntington Hills Ward created
  • Gulfport Mississippi Stake: Keesler Military Branch created
  • Brooklyn New York North District: East New York 1st, East New York 2nd (Spanish), and Ridgewood (Spanish) Branches discontinued
  • Cedar City Utah Cross Hollow Stake: Iron Springs Ward created
  • Provo Utah YSA 18th Stake: Provo YSA 263rd Ward created
  • South Salt Lake Stake: Crossroads Square (Nepali) Branch created
  • Springville Utah YSA Stake: Springville YSA Ward created
  • Buena Vista Virginia YSA Stake: Buena Vista YSA 6th Ward created
Change in wards: +6

Change in branches: +1


Joshua Skains said...

I still don't seem to be getting the very basic question. Is the Church shrinking as critics are claiming? I hear that Utah has the fastest decline in active LDS. Is that true or false?

alien236 said...

That is false. The LDS population in Utah is simply growing at a slower rate than the non-LDS and so it is shrinking as a percentage of the total. http://en.fairmormon.org/Utah/Statistical_claims/LDS_population_in_Utah

The Chatelain's said...

Hence all the new missions in Salt Lake! It will be a great opportunity for members to reestablish in the center valley

Matt said...

Actually recently the perecentage the LDS Population in Utah is holding steady or slightly increasing.


John Pack Lambert said...

Well, since the Church keeps creating new units in Utah it is obvious that the active LDS population is increasing. There has been some unit disolving due to shifts in population locations, related to adging population and immigrant population that is not LDS.

However the South Salt Lake stake is doing well even with the later issue. They have Karen speaking ( a language spoken by a minority ethnic group in Burma who have come to the US as refugrees) and now Nepali speaking (the Napalese people in the South Salt Lake Stake are actually Nepali refugees from Bhutan, yes it is complexed) and also a Spanish-speaking ward (but that is not unique in Utah, let alone in the US as are the other two units).

It is telling that the Republican candidate in the Utah 4th congressional district is a Latter-day Saint lady who joined the Church after moving to Utah (true she joined the Church 14 years ago, but still). Of course, that simplifies it a little since Mrs. Love actually first met her husband when he was an LDS missionary in Connecticut, and though I can not fully confirm all the facts, it seems she probably had some connection with the Church before moving to Utah, although she did not get baptized until she was a Utah resident. While many of the baptisms in Utah are over 8-year-old children in part member families, or even just inactive families, baptisms of people who have migrated to Utah are also common, whether of those who recently came to the state or those who have been there longer. Of course living in Michigan I have seen lots of people join the Church, especially YSAs, and then move to Utah because they realize that there likelihood of finding a believing spouse is higher there.