Thursday, May 17, 2012

Change in Congregations

  • Fort Smith Arkansas Stake: Sallisaw Ward created from Sallisaw Branch
  • Coeur d'Alene Idaho Stake: Coeur d'Alene 3rd Ward created
  • Kimberly Idaho Stake: Kimberly 3rd Ward created; Murtaugh 2nd (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Nampa Idaho North Stake: Spanish Branch discontinued
  • Nampa Idaho West Stake: Nampa 14th (Spanish) Ward created from Nampa 14th (Spanish) Branch
  • Naperville Illinois Stake: St. Charles Ward created
  • Springfield Massachusetts Stake: North Adams Branch discontinued
  • Carson City Nevada Stake: Eagle Valley (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Akron Ohio Stake: Ashland Ward created from Ashland Branch
  • Franklin Tennessee Stake: Columbia 2nd (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Knoxville Tennessee Stake: Pigeon Forge (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Corpus Christi Texas Stake: Flour Bluff Branch created
  • Saratoga Springs Utah Crossroads Stake: Sunrise Meadows 3rd Ward created
  • Selah Washington Stake: Moxee Ward created
Change in wards: +8

Change in branches: -8


John Pack Lambert said...

Sometimes I wonder if we will at some time get to the point of no branches in the US, but I guess there are new branches being formed even as in general it seems more common for branches to be disolved or made into wards.

L. Chris Jones said...

I noticed that a majority of the branches discontinued were Spanish branches. Is there a reason why? One thing I noticed that one Spanish branch in a Nampa stake was discontinued, but a Spanish ward was created in another stake in the same city. is there a connection there?

Alex Bramwell said...

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