Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Change in Congregations

  • Flagstaff Arizona Stake: Coconino (Navajo) Branch discontinued
  • Anaheim California Stake: Anaheim 5th Ward created
  • Irving California Stake: Irving YSA Branch discontinued
  • Lincoln California Stake: Lincoln 6th Ward created
  • Long Beach California Stake: Lakewood YSA Ward created
  • Louisville Kentucky Stake: Glasgow Ward created from Glasgow Branch
  • Fort Lauderdale Florida Stake: Silver Lakes (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Fort Myers Florida Stake: Providence (Haitian) Branch discontinued
  • Panama City Florida Stake: Panama City Ward discontinued
  • Warrensburg Missouri Stake: Warrensburg 2nd Ward created
  • Valley Forge Pennsylvania Stake: Norristown (Spanish) Branch discontinued 
  • Brigham City Utah South Stake: Maple Springs (Care Center) Branch created
  • Nephi Utah North Stake: Mona 4th Ward created
  • Everett Washington Stake: Thomas Lake Ward created
  • Lakewood Washington Stake: Bridgeport YSA Branch discontinued
  • Moses Lake Washington Stake: Moses Lake 7th Ward created
  • Wenatchee Washington Stake: Leavenworth Ward created from Leavenworth Branch
Change in wards: +8

Change in branches: -7

1 comment:

Matt said...

It's the IrvinE California Stake, and not IrvinG (that's Texas). The Irvine Ranch YSA Branch, Irvine, CA Stake and Tustin Ranch YSA Branch merged to form the Orange Hills YSA Ward for both stakes.

What is great to hear is the re-creation of the Anaheim 5th Ward, Anaheim CA Stake. Anaheim 5th Ward was closed 10+ years ago, due to a declining English speaking population and growing Spanish speaking Latino population. Today, while the west side of Anaheim is now 60-70% Latino(which Anaheim CA Stake serves), more English speaking families are moving in and joining the Church, including Mexican Americans who speak native English, have prompted the new Anaheim 5th Ward. Recently the Anaheim 12th (Tongan) Ward also in the Anaheim CA Stake also split to form the new Bristol (Tongan) Branch in in the nearby Orange CA Stake.

This goes to show, that despite demographic shifts, the Church is stabilizing and growing here in Orange County, CA.