Thursday, July 19, 2012

Change in Congregations

  • Chula Vista California Stake: Otay Lakes Ward created
  • Rexburg Idaho YSA 9th Stake: Rexburg YSA 91st, 92nd, 93rd, and 94th Wards created 
  • Jamestown New York Stake: Corry and Fredonia Branches discontinued
  • Bismarck North Dakota Stake: Stanley Branch created
  • Kirtland Ohio Stake: Mayfield Ward discontinued
  • Greenville South Carolina East Stake: Greenville 5th Ward and Cowpens Branch created
  • Knoxville Tennessee Cumberland Stake: Bays Mountain Ward discontinued
  • Austin Texas Stake: Merrilltown Ward created
  • Laredo Texas District: Laredo 5th (Spanish) Branch created
  • Spring Texas Stake: Legends Ward created
  • McKinney Texas Stake: McKinney 7th Ward created
  • Lehi Utah Traverse Mountain Stake: Traverse Mountain 10th Ward created
  • Lindon Utah Central Stake: Lindon 22nd (Care Center) Branch created
  • Newport News Virginia Stake: Newport News 4th (Spanish) Branch created
  • Bremerton Washington Stake: Peninsula YSA Ward created from Kitsap YSA Branch
  • Gig Harbor Washington Stake: Gig Harbor 2nd YSA Branch discontinued
Change in wards: +9

Change in branches: +1


Downtownchrisbrown said...

Any word of a possible 3rd stake in North Dakota? 2 stakes and 25 units

wheels said...

I could see a stake in Minot.... Two wards in both Minot and Williston as well as the stanley, new town, rugby, and lake region branches for a total of 4 wards and 4 branches. However, That would leave the Bismark stake with only 3 wards and 3 branches. If another ward was created than I could see a new stake in Minot.

Downtownchrisbrown said...

I saw that too, that's what made me wonder if anything was happening. Such large stakes can be challenging as far as stake administration goes.

The Chatelain's said...

It would be interesting to see how the Pierre, SD district is doing. It currently 12 branches, right? Jobs are really attracting people from all around to the area of the Bismarck stake, Fargo doesn't seem to be benefitting as much.

wheels said...

well the population of fargo has seen a boom as well as other cities in north dakota. maybe a new ward will be made there soon just like bismark and williston.

soc. man I am ---------------- said...
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soc. man I am ---------------- said...

assume, based on personal experience, that there are a lot of members "moving" to North and South Dakota as well as Wyoming. But they are not moving their records because they see the work as temporary. Many are not bringing their families with them. Nor are many actually going to church at all because they are working long hours and congregations are far away.

Matt said...

I think we are a ways off of seeing another stake in North Dakota for quite a few years. The recent growth in membership does not appear sustainable as most this increase is caused by temporary move-ins. I do not think the Pierre South Dakota District is close to becoming a stake for some time. The Church requires at least 3,000 members for a stake to be organized in the United States nowadays and I do no think that the district is close to meeting this requirement.