Saturday, September 22, 2012

Change in Congregations

  • Safford Arizona Stake: Safford 9th Ward created
  • Tempe Arizona YSA Stake: McClintock YSA Ward created
  • Pueblo Colorado Stake: San Carlos (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Rexburg Idaho Married Student 2nd Stake: Rexburg Married Student 31st Ward created
  • Rexburg Idaho Married Student 3rd Stake: Rexburg Married Student 32nd Ward created
  • Rexburg Idaho YSA 3rd Stake: Rexburg YSA 88th Ward created 
  • Youngston Ohio Stake: New Castle Ward created from New Castle Branch
  • Knoxville Tennessee Cumberland Stake: Clinch River Ward discontinued
  • San Antonio Texas Hill Country Stake: Indian Springs Ward created
  • Ephraim Utah Stake: Ephraim 8th Ward created
  • Farr West Utah Poplar Stake: Farr West 7th Ward created
  • Grantsville Utah Stake: Grantsville 14th Ward created
  • Heber City Utah East Stake: Wheeler Park Ward created
  • Lehi Utah East Stake: Lehi 46th Ward created
  • Mapleton Utah Stake: Mapleton 17th Ward created 
  • North Salt Lake Utah Stake: Vista View Ward created
  • Provo Utah YSA 4th Stake: Provo YSA 57th Ward created
  • South Jordan Utah Country Park Stake: Country Park 9th Ward created
  • Spanish Fork Utah Maple Mountain Stake: Maple Highlands and Sunny Ridge 3rd Wards created
  • Madison Wisconsin Stake: Madison 5th (Spanish) Branch discontinued
Change in wards: +17

Change in branches: -3


Matt said...

Seattle Washington North Stake created 2 new wards and renamed the other wards with neighborhood names.

New Wards,
Elliott Bay Ward
Washington Park Ward

The Chatelain's said...

Amarillo YSA Branch created
Amarillo Texas stake
Summerville 3rd ward created, Oakbrook ward renamed Summerville 2nd ward
Charleston South Carolina stake
Seabrook ward created
League City Texas stake
Blue Diamond ward created
Las Vegas South stake
South Gate 1st(Spanish) branch created
Huntington Park California stake
Jordan Willows 7th ward created
Lehi Utah Jordan River stake
Thanksgiving Meadows ward created
Lehi Utah Gateway stake
Naples 3rd Ward crated
Vernal Utah Ashley stake
Rigby 18th ward created
Rigby Idaho East stake

Matt said...

Thanks for the updates!