Friday, November 9, 2012

Change in Congregations

  • Gilbert Arizona Higley Stake: Copper Ranch Ward created
  • Folsom California Stake: Folsom 6th Ward created
  • Irving California Stake: Woodbridge 2nd Ward created
  • Sacramento California Stake: Laguna Creek 6th Ward created
  • Montrose Colorado Stake: Black Canyon Ward created
  • Idaho Falls Taylor Mountain Stake: Victorian Village Ward created
  • Fort Wayne Indiana Stake: St. Joe (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Des Moines Iowa Stake: Walnut Hills Branch created; Des Moines Ward created from Des Moines 7th Branch; Maple Grove and Winterset Branches discontinued
  • Grand Blanc Michigan Stake: Lexington and Romero Branches discontinued
  • Norman Oklahoma Stake: Ada Ward created from Ada Branch
  • Katy Texas Stake: Katy Mills Ward created
  • Lewisville Texas Stake: Lantana Ward created
  • San Antonio Texas East Stake: Garden Ridge Ward created
  • Bluffdale Utah Stake: Bluffdale 12th Ward created
  • Salt Lake Utah (Tongan) Stake: Syracuse 12th (Samoan) Branch created
  • Bothell Washington Stake: Canyon Park and Inglemoor Wards created
Change in wards: +14

Change in branches: -5


Ryan J said...

SC-West Columbia YSA Branch now West Columbia YSA Ward

Matt said...

Just a quick FYI...

In California it's IrvinE with an E like Ir-vine which rhymes with vine.

In Texas it's IrvinG with a G like Ir-ving which rhymes with ring.

So it's the Irvine California Stake (not Irving) , Woodbridge 2nd Ward created