Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Change in Congregations

  • Camarillo California Stake: Oxnard 4th Ward discontinued
  • Hanford California Stake: Caruthers and Reedley Wards discontinued
  • San Rafael California Stake: Novato 2nd (Fijian) Branch discontinued 
  • Modesto California North Stake: Modesto 9th Ward discontinued
  • Torrance California North Stake: Torrance 2nd Ward discontinued
  • Ventura California Stake: Ventura 5th (YSA) Ward discontinued
  • Rexburg Idaho Center Stake: Summerfield Ward created
  • Rexburg Idaho YSA 4th Stake: Rexburg YSA 87th Ward created
  • Blanding Utah Stake: Mexican Hat Branch discontinued
  • Magna Utah Central Stake: Spencer 7th Ward discontinued
  • Milford (Minersville) Utah Stake: Milford 3rd Ward discontinued
  • Ogden Utah Stake: Buenaventura (Spanish) Ward created from Buenaventura (Spanish) Branch
  • Orem Utah Lakeview Stake: Lakeview 9th Ward created from Lakeview Manor Branch 
  • Payson Utah South Stake: Parkview Ward discontinued
  • Salt Lake Jordan Stake: Jordan 7th Ward discontinued
  • Salt Lake Sugar House Stake: Bryan, Hawthorne, and Legrand Wards discontinued
  • Sandy Utah Granite Stake: Granite 10th and Granite 12 Wards discontinued
  • Spanish Fork Utah River Stake: West Park (Spanish) Ward created from West Park (Spanish) Branch
  • Taylorsville Utah Stake: Taylorsville Park Ward discontinued
  • Wendover Utah District: Buena Vista (Spanish) and Toana View Branches discontinued
  • West Jordan Utah River Oaks Stake: River Oaks 8th Ward discontinued
Change in wards: -11

Change in branches: -7


Jayce Cox said...

Is this the effect of suburban drift?
When we lived in the Las Vegas 1st Ward we saw it slowly decline, then we were combined with the Crestwood Ward, sharing our chapel with a Spanish branch, then our chapel was raised, and we finally drifted, the last original LDS family from the pre-boom days. As the older neighborhoods decline, are we struggling to fill existing chapels with new converts?
Thanks for all the work you do!

Mike Johnson said...

Despite this round of congregation consolidation, a net creation of 169 wards (not including branches) occurred in 2012.

Matt said...

It has just taken me a while to get to finding all of these discontinued units; this "decline" has occurred over the past year or so.

Yes, most consolidated wards were closed because of suburban drift.

Mike Johnson said...

Thanks, Matt, for your efforts.

That makes sense. The Church tends to publish creations of stakes, wards, and branches more than discontinuations. And therefore finding the discontinuations must be harder.

Ray said...

To Mike Johnson: You said a total of 169 net new wards were created in 2012, but I have come up with 336 wards created in 2012 and -132 branches for a net congregational growth for 2012 of 204 units, not counting new "groups." See my comment on Matt's first new post for 2013 for more information.

I failed to post December's growth.

Dec. + 1 net new unit (+ 20 W - 19 br.)
US -1 (+5 w -6 br)
)utside US +2 (+15 W - 13 br), + 8 stakes - 2 districts, all outside of US

Can you show me how you reached + 169 instead of what I came up with? I used year-end 2011 and compared to year-end 2012 information posted on the CDOL.