Friday, January 4, 2013

Change in Congregations

  • Fayetteville Georgia Stake: Thomaston Ward created from Thomaston Branch
  • Meridian Idaho Amity Stake: Devonshire Ward created
  • Traverse City Michigan District: Bear Lake Branch discontinued
  • New York New York Stake: Chinatown (Chinese) Ward created from Canal Street (Chinese) Branch
  • Klamath Falls Oregon Stake: Cascade (Spanish) Branch created
  • West Columbia South Carolina Stake: West Columbia YSA Ward created from West Columbia YSA Branch
  • Fruit Heights Utah Stake: Fruit Heights 10th Ward created
  • Herriman Utah Stake: Herriman Rose Ward created
  • Salt Lake Ensign Stake: Rio Grande Branch created
  • St George Utah Little Valley Stake: Red Butte, Silkwood, and Stonehedge Wards created
Change in wards: +9

Change in branches: -2


Mike Johnson said...

Are the Bed Butte, Silkwood, and Stonehedge wards in the Saint George Utah Little Valley Stake newly created wards or a renaming of the Little Valley 2nd, 3rd, and 6th wards?

The meetinghouse locator has the following in the stake:

Quail Valley Ward
Treasure Valley Ward
Stone Cliff Ward

Little Valley Ward
Meadow Valley Ward

Jedora Ward
Coyote Springs Ward
Knolls Ward

Little Valley 2nd Ward
Little Valley 3rd Ward
Little Valley 6th Ward

with each group of 2-3 wards sharing a meetinghouse. lists Little Valley 1st through 7th and the Meadow Valley, Knolls Ward, Quail Valley, and Stone Cliff wards.

In both cases 11 wards, but it appears the Little Valley numbered wards are being renamed. As three such numbered wards remain in the meetinghouse locator and three newly named wards are appearing here, I wonder if it isn't just renaming going on not new ward creation.

If it is new ward creation, that would mean 14 wards in the stake. That would be great and would probably mean another stake in the near future.

Matt said...

I have not updated the maps on yet. Yes, all three of these wards reported in the St George Utah Little Valley Stake are new for a total of 14 wards. Looks like we'll see a two or three new stakes in St George in the near future if you ask me.

Mike Johnson said...

Thanks, and that is good news. And I guess not surprising. The Little Valley stake is out by the new airport in an area that I understand is growing pretty fast.