Monday, January 21, 2013

Change in Congregations

  • Kingman Arizona Stake: Golden Valley Branch created
  • Fort Smith Arkansas Stake: Massard Creek (Spanish) Branch created
  • Little Rock Arkansas Stake: Fordyce Branch discontinued
  • Rogers Arkansas Stake: Bentonville 3rd Branch created
  • Corona California Stake: Del Rey (Spanish) Ward created from Del Rey (Spanish) Branch
  • Monterey California Stake: Salinas (Spanish) Ward discontinued
  • Palmdale California Stake: Littlerock 1st Ward discontinued
  • Visalia California Stake: Visalia 5th (Spanish) Ward created from Visalia 5th (Spanish) Branch
  • Colorado Springs North Stake: Mount Herman YSA Ward created 
  • Meridian Idaho Amity Stake: Devonshire Ward created
  • Frederick Maryland Stake: Urbana Ward created 
  • Lynbrook New York District: Long Beach Branch discontinued
  • Columbus Ohio Stake: Columbus University (Student Married) Branch discontinued
  • Salem Oregon Stake: Creekside Ward created 
  • Friendswood Texas Stake: Manvel (Spanish) Ward created from Manvel (Spanish) Branch
  • American Fork Utah Stake: American Fork 45th (Care Center) Branch created
  • Layton Utah Legacy Stake: Wheatfield Ward created
  • Lehi Utah Jordan River Stake: Jordan Willows 8th Ward discontinued
  • Orem Utah Cherry Hill Stake: Cherry Hill 4th Ward created
  • Orem Utah Heatheridge Stake: Heatheridge 9th Ward discontinued
  • Orem Utah Lakeridge Stake: Lakeridge (Spanish) Ward created from Lakeridge (Spanish) Branch
  • Orem Utah Park Stake: Park 11th Ward and Mountain View (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Salt Lake Holladay YSA Stake: Holladay YSA 2nd and Holladay YSA 3rd Wards discontinued
  • South Jordan Utah Parkway Stake: Parkway 6th Ward created
  • Bremerton Washington Stake: Seabeck Ward created
  • Maple Valley Washington Stake: Lake Sawyer Ward created
  • Vancouver Washington East Stake: Forest Home Ward created
Change in wards: +7

Change in branches: -4


Matt said...

Actually the Lake Sawyer Ward is not a new ward and has been part of the Kent Washington Stake for many years.

Mike Johnson said...

If indeed the Lake Sawyer Ward is being transferred to the Maple Valley Washington Stake, that would make 12 wards in that stake. This could be a preliminary to a stake division.

That said, it is still showing up in the Kent Washington Stake in the meetinghouse locator.

John said...

According to CDOL, there are now two wards named Lake Sawyer in Washington, one in the Kent stake and the other in Maple Valley stake. The two bishops live about six miles apart at opposite ends of said lake.

John said...

And the two wards are basically on either side of the lake. As a geographer (and an assistant stake clerk who has worked on several boundary changes) this is a facepalm moment.

Matt said...

Personally a lame choice. I grew up in this area, there are other ward names they could have come up with.

Since most of the subdivisions in the new Maple Valley Stake's Lake Sawyer Ward are called Elk Run, why not call the new ward the Elk Run Ward?

Or if they insist on using "Lake Sawyer", why not number the wards? Lake Sawyer 1st Ward (Kent Stake), Lake Sawyer 2nd Ward (Maple Valley Stake)

Ooor add East West to the ward names. The Lake Sawyer community does this already with local little league teams.

So Lake Sawyer West Ward (Kent Stake) and Lake Sawyer East Ward (Maple Valley Stake)

Perhaps the Lake Sawyer Ward in the Kent Stake is on the verge of splitting, and will use new names for the new wards to avoid confusion with Maple Valley Stake's decision to also name their new ward Lake Sawyer Ward.

Hopefully this can get worked out sooner than later...

Matt said...

Cranmar Creek runs through the new ward too. Naming the ward, Cranmar Creek Ward is another option...

Mike Johnson said...

Are the two stakes in the same coordination council? In my experience, when stakes are in the same coordination council, they tend to know the names of the wards in nearby stakes. But, that often doesn't happen when adjacent stakes are in different coordination councils.

Our stake is the southernmost in the Washington DC South Coordination Council and we do a lot with other stakes in that Coordination Council. But, I find many of our stake and ward leaders don't know very much about the next stake to the south--the Richmond Virginia Stake, which is in the Richmond Virginia Coordination Council.

But, to create a ward requires approval from Salt Lake, so I wonder why Salt Lake didn't catch it.

Mike Johnson said...

From the ward and stake maps now embedded in the meetinghouse locator, it appears the Maple Valley Lake Sawyer Ward runs from Maple Valley south to the lake and covers the east side of the lake. Why not call it Maple Valley 2nd?

Matt said...

Well, including the Green River YSA Ward, this new Lake Sawyer Ward is the seventh ward in the Maple Valley Area in the Maple Valley Stake. Maple Valley Stake also includes 3 wards in Enumclaw and 2 wards in Buckley.

Gnesileah said...

My brother lives in the Maple Valley Stake and said that they have renamed the new ward to the Elk Run Ward now.

Mike Johnson said...

The Daybreak 15th Ward was created last Sunday. This makes 15 wards in the South Jordan Utah Daybreak Stake.

This could be a potential candidate for a stake being split in the near future.

Mike Johnson said...

Wow. The Pleasant View Utah Stake created the Pleasant View 16th, 17th, and 18th Wards, yesterday. This makes 12 wards in the stake. The Pleasant View Utah South Stake has 9 wards, five of which are Pleasant View wards.

I wonder why the number "15th" was skipped in the numbering of Pleasant View wards. 2nd, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th are in the South stake and 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th, and 14th, and now 16th, 17th, and 18th are in the Pleasant View stake. I am wondering if the south stake is planning a new ward and already had claim on the number "15th."

The Chatelain's said...

In Georgia
Edgewood Ward discontinued, Columbus stake
Flint River Ward discontinued, Lake Jodeco(Spanish) branch created, Conyers stake

L. Chris Jones said...

Matt, my ward in Idaho Falls (Idaho Falls 32nd) is tied to the Deaf "Sign Language" Group for the whole region. The deaf meet with the ward at least twice a month and then across the hall in their own meeting across the hall. The ward covers only a few square miles for most of us but the deaf group ranges from aproxamatly Pocatello to Rexburg. So they are in our ward even though they may live outside the ward boundaries.

Mike Johnson said...

The name of the Lake Sawyer Ward in the Maple Valley Washington Stake has been changed.

The 12 wards in that stake are now:

Buckley 1st Ward
Buckley 2nd Ward
Cedar River Ward
Elk Run Ward
Enumclaw 1st Ward
Enumclaw 2nd Ward
Enumclaw 3rd Ward
Glacier Park Ward
Green Valley YSA Ward
Lake Lucerne Ward
Lake Wilderness Ward
Rock Creek Ward

Mike Johnson said...

The Lake Sawyer Ward is now the Elk Run Ward.