Monday, May 20, 2013

Change in Congregations

  • Bessemer Alabama Stake: Fayette Branch discontinued
  • Gilbert Arizona Highland East Stake: Brighton Ward created
  • Mesa Arizona Desert Ridge Stake: Highland Ridge Ward created
  • Huntington Park California Stake: Downey 4th Ward discontinued
  • Lancaster California Stake: Lancaster 2nd (Spanish) Branch created
  • Iona Idaho Stake: Iona 9th Ward created
  • Meridian Idaho North Stake: Heritage Ward created 
  • Moscow Idaho Stake: One ward discontinued
  • New Albany Indiana Stake: Charlestown Ward created from Charlestown Branch, Salem Ward downgraded to Salem Branch
  • Des Moines Iowa Stake: Walnut Hills Ward created from Walnut Hills Branch
  • Duluth Minnesota Stake: Twin Ports Ward discontinued
  • Fargo North Dakota Stake: Grand Forks 2nd Ward created
  • Providence Rhode Island Stake: Providence 2nd and Westerley Branches created
  • Franklin Tennessee Stake: Thompsons Station 2nd Ward created
  • McMinnville Tennessee Stake: Winchester Branch created
  • Friendswood Texas Stake: Shadow Creek Ward created
  • American Fork Utah Hillcrest Stake: Beehive (Care Center) Branch created
  • Kamas Utah Stake: Kamas 4th Ward created
  • Murray Utah YSA Stake: Cottonwood YSA 2nd Ward discontinued 
  • Orem Utah Sunset Heights Stake: Vineyard 7th Ward created
  • Provo Utah Wasatch (Tongan) Stake: Orem 12th (Samoan) Ward created
  • Provo Utah YSA 9th Stake: Provo YSA 122nd, Provo YSA 125th, Provo YSA 127th, and Provo YSA 130th Wards discontinued
  • Provo Utah YSA 11th Stake: Provo YSA 151st, Provo YSA 152nd, Provo YSA 153rd, Provo YSA 154th, Provo YSA 155th, Provo YSA 156th Wards discontinued
  • Sandy Utah Granite South Stake: Sunrise (Care Center) Branch
  • Sandy Utah YSA Stake: Hidden Valley YSA Ward discontinued
  • Santaquin Utah North Stake: Santaquin 18th and Santaquin 19th Wards created
  • Woodbridge Virginia Stake: Woodbridge 2nd Ward created
  • Laramie Wyoming Stake: Great Divide (Correctional Facility) Branch created
Change in wards: -1

Change in branches: +5


Ray said...

The Moscow ward discontinued must have been a student ward in the Moscow-Pullman University Stake because the maps site doesn't show anything closed in the stake.

Mike Johnson said...

I wonder if the 10 Provo YSA wards being discontinued reflects the increase in missionaries and a consequent reduction in students at BYU.

njporter82 said...

The 10 Provo YSA wards discontinued were in the apartments that the MTC took over.

John Pack Lambert said...

I figured it was a result of displancement, not changes in student numbers. Since the number of students generally declines for the summer, wards over the summer tend to be smaller. I would not be surprised if new wards are organized come fall, but maybe not.

It is interesting that the number of branches have gone up, but this seems as much the rise of specialized need branches (care center, correctional faciltities) as anything else. I am surprised that Lancaster Stake did not have a Spanish branch, although for whatever reason Spanish units seems to have done better in the neighboring Palmdale Stake.

John Pack Lambert said...

So are we going to get a new update any time soon?

Gnesileah said...

The Billings Montana Stake added three new wards yesterday: Canyon Creek, Sweetgrass Creek, and Echo Canyon Wards. All are centered in the growing West End of Billings. All other units in the stake retain the same names. The stake now has 11 wards and 4 branches. They are hoping to split to create a third stake in Billings in the near future.

Levi said...

its been like 4 months since there has been an update here and there has been 3 or more updates for the international blog. where is the data on new wards created found at?

Ray said...

to Levi:

You can find out about new wards and branches by watching changes on the CDOL (church directory of officers and leaders--set up user name and password), and then comparing to the existing organization as shown in the directory of Church units.