Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Change in Congregations

  • Birmingham Alabama Stake: Oxford Branch discontinued
  • Woodland California Stake: Davis 2nd (Student) Ward discontinued
  • Jacksonville Florida South Stake: St Johns River Ward created
  • Pompano Beach Florida Stake: Delray Beach Ward created 
  • Augusta Georgia Stake: Hammond Hills (Spanish) Branch discontinued
  • Laie Hawai North Stake: Sunset Branch created 
  • Chicago Illinois Stake: Chicago 7th Ward discontinued
  • Las Vegas Nevada Elkhorn Springs Stake: Valley Crest Ward created
  • Caldwell New Jersey Stake: Caldwell 2nd (Spanish) Branch created
  • Morristown New Jersey Stake: Branchburg (Spanish) Branch created
  • Monmouth Oregon Stake: Oakdale Ward created
  • Pittsburgh Pennsylvania North Stake: Wexford Ward created
  • Franklin Tennessee Stake: Pulaski Branch created
  • Madison Tennessee Stake: Lebanon 2nd (Spanish) Branch created
  • Carrollton Texas Stake: Carrollton 4th Ward created
  • Frisco Texas Stake: Frisco 8th Ward created
  • Kingwood Texas Stake: Cleveland 2nd (Spanish) Branch created
  • Lubbock Texas Stake: Frendship Mesa Ward created 
  • San Antonio Texas West Stake: Wildhorse Ward created
  • Eagle Mountain Utah North Stake: Highlands 3rd and Stonebridge Wards created
  • Layton Utah Northridge Stake: Greyhawk Ward created 
  • Nephi Utah Stake: Nephi 12th (Care Center) Branch created
  • Riverton Utah Harvest Park Stake: Western Springs 4th Ward created
  • Salt Lake Utah South (Tongan) Stake: Taylorsville 5th (Tongan) Ward created
  • Saratoga Springs Utah Stake: Saratoga Hills 5th Ward created
  • St George Utah Stake: St George 19th (Student Married) Ward discontinued
  • St George Utah East Stake: St George 26th (Student Married) Ward discontinued
  • St George Morningside Stake: Morningside 9th (Student Married) Ward discontinued
  • Wenatchee Washington Stake: Columbia River (Spanish) Ward created from Columbia River (Spanish) Branch
Change in wards: +11

Change in branches: +4


Simon Southerton said...

Why do you call it "United States and Canada LDS Church Growth" when you only report United States growth at this link? You report Canadian growth under "International Congregational Growth".

Ray said...

Simon, Good observation! I didn't notice that but it's true--the recent new ward in Saskatchewan was reported under "International Congregational Growth."

The setup of "US and Canada LDS Church Growth" may be due to the fact that all the Canadian provinces are included in US Church Areas (North America Northwest, North America Central, and North America Northeast).

But then the reporting of changes in Canadian units needs to go in the International Congregational Growth report since Canada is a sovereign nation.