Monday, July 27, 2015

Recent Congregational Activity

  • Montgomery Alabama Stake: Greenville and Tuskegee Branches discontinued 
  • Fairfield California Stake: Rockville YSA Ward created from the Rockville YSA Branch 
  • Glendora California Stake: Glendora YSA Ward discontinued
  • Hacienda Heights California Stake: Walnut YSA Branch discontinued
  • Manteca California Stake: Mountain House Ward created 
  • Napa California Stake: Napa YSA Ward discontinued
  • Palmdale California Stake: Rancho Vista 2nd Branch (Spanish) discontinued  
  • Palos Verdes California Stake: Harbor 1st Ward discontinued
  • Santa Barbara California Stake: Lompoc Valley Branch (Spanish) created
  • Turlock California Stake: Crows Landing 1st Ward created from the Crows Landing 1st Branch; Patterson Ward discontinued
  • Stuart Florida Stake: Port St Lucie Branch created
  • Rexburg Idaho YSA 1st Stake: Rexburg YSA 99th and Rexburg YSA 110th Wards created
  • Rexburg Idaho YSA 2nd Stake: Rexburg YSA 100th Ward created
  • Rexburg Idaho YSA 3rd Stake: Rexburg YSA 101st Ward created
  • Rexburg Idaho YSA 5th Stake: Rexburg YSA 102nd Ward created
  • Rexburg Idaho YSA 6th Stake: Rexburg YSA 103rd Ward created
  • Rexburg Idaho YSA 7th Stake: Rexburg YSA 104th Ward created
  • Rexburg Idaho YSA 8th Stake: Rexburg YSA 105th Ward created
  • Rexburg Idaho YSA 9th Stake: Rexburg YSA 106th Ward created
  • Rexburg Idaho YSA 10th Stake: Rexburg YSA 107th, Rexburg YSA 108th, and Rexburg YSA 109th wards created
  • Rupert Idaho Stake: Rupert 8th Branch (Spanish) discontinued 
  • Miami Florida South Stake: Country Walk Ward created
  • Orlando Florida Stake: Semoran Ward (Spanish) created from the Semoran Branch (Spanish)
  • Buffalo Grove Illinois Stake: Gurnee 3rd Ward (Spanish) created from the Gurnee 3rd Branch (Spanish)
  • Hopkinsville Kentucky Stake: Clarksville YSA Branch created
  • Platte City Missouri Stake: Platte City YSA Branch discontinued 
  • Las Vegas Nevada Meadows Stake: Meadows 1st and Meadows 5th Wards discontinued
  • Caldwell New Jersey Stake: Caldwell YSA Ward created
  • Bloomfield New Mexico Stake: Bloomfield 3rd Ward discontinued
  • Roswell New Mexico Stake: Guadaloupe Branch (Spanish) created 
  • Fayetteville North Carolina Stake: Gillis Hill Ward created
  • Bismarck North Dakota Stake: Watford City Ward created from the Watford City Branch
  • Lancaster Pennsylvania Stake: Columbia Branch (Spanish) created
  • Rapid City South Dakota Stake: Chadron Ward created from the Chadron Branch; Kyle Branch discontinued 
  • Knoxville Tennessee Stake: Rockwood Ward created from the Rockwood Branch
  • San Antonio Texas East Stake: Live Oak Ward created 
  • Alpine Utah YSA Stake: Willow Canyon YSA Ward discontinued
  • Cedar City Utah YSA 2nd Stake: Cedar City YSA 19th Ward created
  • Farmington Utah West Stake: Farmington Ranches 5th Ward created 
  • Ferron Utah Stake: Mill Road Branch (Care Center) created
  • Logan Utah Central Stake: Temple Boulevard 2nd Branch (Mandarin) created 
  • Orem Utah YSA 3rd Stake: Orem YSA 31st Ward created
  • Riverdale Utah Stake: Riverdale SA Ward created 
  • Salt Lake Central Stake: Sixteenth Branch discontinued
  • Salt Lake Granger North Stake: San Marcos Ward (Spanish) created from the San Marcos Branch (Spanish)
  • Salt Lake Hunter Copperhill Stake: Granger SA Ward created
  • Saratoga Springs Utah Crossroads Stake: Riverside 2nd Ward created
  • South Jordan Utah Daybreak Stake: Daybreak 9th Ward created
  • Springville Utah West Stake: Grasslands 3rd Ward created 
  • Kirkland Washington Stake: Kirkland 4th Ward discontinued
  • Longview Washington Stake: Lower Columbia YSA Branch created
  • Cody Wyoming Stake: Powell 4th Ward created
Change in wards: +25

Change in branches: -8


BryceisBibleMan said...

with the stack there is the Cody 3rd ward that will be splat soon.
and there was talk that when that happens the stack may get splat.

Kyle98632 said...

Thank you for all the work you put into this blog. It has been excited to see all the new activity in my stake (Longview, WA) lately.

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